What (not) to eat

What you should and should not eat eat (from the book)

Again, the interpretation is all mine…


  • Great, especially organic


  • Great, if not polluted


  • Outstanding – high antioxidant, low GI: berries and stone fruits
  • Great – lower antioxidant, high GI: apple, bananas, cherries, kiwi, pomegranate
  • Moderately – low antioxidant, high GI: grapes, mangoes, melons, nectarines & tangerines, oranges, papayas, pineapples, plums, dates, any dried fruit


  • All great


  • To be avoided: wheat, rye, oat, corn(!), …


  • To be avoided: lentils, beans, soy beans
  • With moderation: fermented soy products

Dairy and Eggs

  • Eggs are great, especially the yolk
  • Dairy with moderation (if at all), according to the following hierarchy
  • Best dairy – raw, fermented: yogurt, kefir (fermentation helps against lactose / casein intolerance)
  • Next best dairy – raw, high fat: butter, cream
  • Next best dairy: raw milk, cheeses


  • Whey protein is good (but beware the other ingredients, esp sweeteners!)
  • Fish oil is good (if properly cleaned from pollutants)

2 thoughts on “What (not) to eat

  1. I think it’s very important to note that grass-fed meat and pastured butter are also far better than their conventional counterparts. They have a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids which we really need – the SAD has a O6:O3 ratio of nearly 30:1! We evolved eating a diet with approximately a 2:1 ratio. This over-consumption of O6s contributes to systemic inflammation and aggravates everything from heart disease to arthritis.

    This means that supplementing with fish oil is necessary unless you’re eating grass-fed meat only and also eating fish once or twice a week.

    • Thanks Tim. I agree with this – clearly the closer you get to natural the better it is, and I did not want to overcomplicate my note. I also left out the fishoil part, and it is actually a good idea to add this.

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