Exercise books

Dan John “Never Let Go” – Articles (mostly from T-Nation) written by the one and only Dan John – down-to-earth, no-nonsense strength. A must read! review part 2

“Easy Strength” (with Pavel) – Framework (…the Quadrants…) and tools for S&C coaches, and everyone who wants to understand more about strength training. Awesome combination of authors, highly complementary. Another must read! review

“Mass made simple” – A “simple” 6 week program to build mass, based on back squats, upper body work, and  complexes. review

Pavel Tsatsoulin “The Naked Warrior” – Maximal strength program, mainly through one-are push-up and one-legged squat

“Super Joints” – exercises to create and maintain flexibility around the joints

“Relax into Stretch” – the art and science of stretching

“Enter the Kettlebell” – how-to-get-started-with-kettlebells, focussing mainly on the core exercises (get-up, swing, clean & press, snatch)

Mark Rippetoe “Starting Strength” – the bible of weight training

“Practical Programming for Weight Training” – all you ever wanted to know about programming for beginners, intermediate, and elite lifters

“Strong Enough?” – Rip’s philosophy in single articles. Nice read. Not fundamentally new if you have read his other books, but a nice read. review

Mark Verstegen “Core Performance” – all-round get-fit program with many good exercises

Dave Randolph “Spartan Warrior Workout” – the routine that got the Spartans fit for the 300 movie Kindle edition

Mark Lauren “You are your own gym” – Calisthenics, more calisthenics, and even more calisthenics, including loads of push-ups Kindle edition

Mehdi “Stronglifts 5×5” – Mehdi’s book is great; it is essentially a variation of Bill Starr’s and Rippetoe’s 5×5 programs. It used to be a free e-book on his website, but he is transitioning into a members-only community and I suppose the book is now members only. Just ask around – at least the old version should be widely available across the net.

Nutrition books

Barry Sears “Toxic Fat” – the science behind the Zone Diet (balance macronutrients at every meal, eat fish-oil, etc) Kindle edition

Gary Taubes “Why we get fat” – highly recommended intro to low-carb and Paleo eating (ht PaleoPeriodical); still on my reading list (Feb 2011) Kindle edition

Mark Sisson “The Primal Blueprint” – highly recommended intro to Paleo eating (ht Tim); the book  is awesome, is well argued, and it makes sense. Now I just need to see whether it is also correct – I just finished reading it and I am putting it into practice (Feb 2011) Kindle edition

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