Random articles found on the web

Here is a collection of links to random articles that I have come across and that I did not want to lose. Its a bit like my fav’s in Safari (except that I never use favs in Safari)

  • Mark Rippetoe’s program for beginners (and most of us are) on T-Nation
  • More of Rip on T-Nation, on recovery and eating for building strength. A quote: “If you perceive that it’s easy to eat what you consider to be enough food, it’s not enough food and you’re not doing the program. Just so you know, “But Coach, I eat a ton!” is the catch phrase of the dietary fuck up.” – how can you anything but love Rip?
  • Two articles by Chad Waterbury on T-Nation on (a) the benefit of keeping reps to 10 seconds here, and (b) the benefit of 25 reps (eg 5×5) here ht TheoryToPractice
  • A collection of Rippetoe quotes on T-Nation (warning, funny, but non-PC)

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