MyNetDiary – the companion website to the calorie tracking apps for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Blackberry, and Android (I believe). Awesome if you want to track your calories and macronutrients < or simply know how much calories & macronutrients a certain food contains)

CalorieCount – great for on-the-go assessment and comparison of how much calories & macronutrients a certain foods contain

The Primal Blueprint – good introduction to Paleo eating and lifestyle (ht Tim) – or rather: Mark Sisson’s interpretation thereof (“Primal [Blueprint] Eating and Lifestyle”) which I personally find very reasonable and pragmatic

Paleodiet Foods – a list of foods that are encouraged, or discouraged, in the Paleo diet

Strength Training & Powerlifting

Starting Strength – Rip’s site

Stronglifts 5×5 – Mehdi’s 5×5 program; based on Bill Starr & Mark Rippetoe’s work, he gives a no BS introduction to strength training (and the bodybuilding aspects that come with this). I am not following his program (even though maybe I should…) but the tips on his website are very good. His eBook seems now behing a paywall – if you can somehow get it, it is a great intro to powerlifting

Westside Barbell – Louie Simmons’ legendary powerlifting gym, with lots of information

EliteFTS – Jim Wendler’s 531 system, ie Russian periodisation for dummies. Well worth reading, if not following, if you are out of the linear progression phase

BodyWeightCoach  – Good info (incl videos) on bodyweight exercises

TimInVermont – Plethora of great articles and training, and strength training in particular

CrossFit & CrossFit Boxes

CrossFit – HQ’s site, that’s where they forge the Workouts Of the Day

CrossFit Journal – Maybe the best resource on contemporary fitness, at least if you believe in the reasoning behind CrossFit

Mobility WOD – Kelly Starrett’s awesome daily torture to make you young again

CrossFit SF – the home of Kelly Starrett, and Adrian Bozman

CrossFit Central – another good one

CrossFit London (also here) – Andrew Stemler’s box (he is the guy showing burpees in his swimming trunks on YouTube so that you can better see the lumbar curve…)

Body Building

Lee Hayward – no-nonsense body building kind of guy. I personally dont like the body-building way of doing things (body-part split and the like) but if you are into this kind of thing then I believe that Lee is pretty good. He also believes that you do need to start from a basis of strength, and it is actually his program that got me into squats – I simply never made it to the preacher curls from that point onwards. He also seems to know his way around nutrition and supplements.

Critical Bench – another body building site with I believe pretty good resources.

Shopping & Kit

Pullum Sports – good kit that is difficult to get elsewhere, eg the large rubber bands that allow you to progress towards the pull-up

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