Core strength and mobility series (after Verstegen)


This is one of the series of exercises I do on a regular basis. It is heavily based on Verstegen’s template (see also my previous discussion here and here), but I have added and sub’d quite a few exercises (mainly Pilates) so that I believe I can not rightly claim it to be my own…

The series it is based on is Verstegen’s Movement Prep series (and I might update it with some of his PreHab movements). It has become a bit longer, and it takes me maybe an hour or so to go through, so it is not really a preparation any more. It is really a workout that I do on my off (or low-effort) days. I also generally do not follow it by the letter (I might move some exercise blocks around, or skip them), but it is some inspiration.

  • Hip Crossover – 10x each
  • Cat Stretch – 10x
  • Bridge (rolling through spine) – 10x
  • Rollover backwards & candle – 5x slow
  • Rolling like a ball – 10x
  • Rolling up – 5x slow
  • Hundreds – 100x (duh!)
  • Scissors – 10x each
  • Leg circles (towards ceiling; change direction) – 10x each
  • Plank – 1-2min
  • Side plank – 30-60s each
  • Scorpion – 10x
  • Back extension (aka Cobra) – 5x
  • Downward dog – 2-3min total
  • Hand walk – 5x, 5sec rest (or 5 push-ups)
  • Good morning (weighted with 8kg medball) – 10x
  • Inverted hamstring (with 8kg medball) – 3x, 15s hold
  • Forward lunge (overhead medball  8kg) – 5x each
  • Backward lunge with twist (medball 8kg in front) – 5x each
  • Physioball YWTL – each 1×10(2kg), 2×5 (2kg, 10s), or 3×3 (3kg, 5s)
  • Physioball push-up – 1×10
  • Glute bridge (rigid spine; one-leg raised) – 1x10each
  • Superdog (aka opposite-arm-leg) – 5x each
  • Mule kick (raise one leg upwards) – 5x each
  • Fire hydrant (raise one leg sidewards) – 5x each
  • Knee-to-chest (keep body stable!) – 5x each
  • Side lying adduction  – 10x each
  • Side lying abduction – 10x each
  • Side lying leg swings – 10x each
  • Side lying leg circles – 10x each

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