Olympic Lifting Prep Series’

Those are based on the Burgener warm-up. I mainly added the jump at the front, as I felt that correct jumping without the bar and with the correct hipdrive is a skill in itself, at least for me, and an overhead squat component.

Olympic Lifting Prep (“Burgener Warm-Up”)

  1. Overhead Hold and Squat – Squat with a light bar overhead, and hold the bottom position
  2. Jumps – Jump explosively from quarter squat position, driving hips forwards and shoulders upwards (no bar)
  3. Down and Up – Same, but with a light bar. Elbows remain above bar, bar goes to chin.
  4. Muscle Clean – Same, but elbows flip and bar comes to clean position. Knees straight on the catch.
  5. Muscle Snatch – Same, but snatch position.
  6. Partial Snatch Land – Same, but partial squat in the catch
  7. Snatch Land – Same, but full squat in the catch

4 thoughts on “Olympic Lifting Prep Series’

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