Anaerobic training / HIIT

NOTE: I started this post a long time ago, and I have lost a bit the train of thought. I am not sure I’ll ever finish it, but I do not want to delete it either as it contains quite a lot of interesting info (and it is related to one of my recent posts re fat loss and HIIT). So I’ll just put it out there the way it is…

Today a post that was in the making for a while, on a topic that I find fascinating: metabolism & energy systems, and how they relate to certain types of exercises (especially of the anaerobic kind). The ultimate prize obviously being the answer to the question what the most effective exercise protocol is for burning fat and building muscle. Continue reading

HIIT, Complexes, the Lactate System, and Fat Loss

Quite a few people swear by using complexes for weight loss, ie series of – generally compound – movements, executed in an anaerobic manner but with pauses in between. Now admittedly, choose any exercise routine, and any goal, and you’ll find people on the Internet advocating it. However, one of the proponents of the above is Dan John, and if Dan says something I listen.

I have been putting together a few things that I learned of the bodies energy systems, and in the light of this, the above statement actually makes sense. It also allows us to optimise this kind of training for the fat-loss goal, which is of course a plus if this is what we want to do…

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