Vibram Five Fingers (“VFF”) KSO’s vs Merrell True Glove

Vibram Five Fingers VFF KSO Barefoot shoes

Merrell True Glove Barefoot Shoe
I have previously written about my Merrell True Gloves, and I have to say I still really like them. Yesterday I was at the Westfield shopping centre though, and there a new Vibram shop had just opened. And – unusually I have to say at the moment – they had stock, and they had stock at my size. So I finally tried the VFF KSO’s – and I loved them, bought them, and was seriously thinking about keeping them on in bed. Well, sort of, but I was wearing them all day yesterday, and today again, even taking them to a spin in the gym. So after one day of wearing the VFF’s, here my initial assessment:
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