Dan John: Mass Made Simple – A review

After having finished Easy Strength recently, and Never Let Go a while back, I recently bought Dan John’s book Mass Made Simple, and I managed to read it in the train to Paris and back yesterday. Here my review: Continue reading

How to build a biceps like Schwarzenegger

arnold schwarzeneggers big bicepsWell, maybe not quite like Arnold. But with the summer season coming up, and after I stumbled upon this post by Jason Ferrugia when reading my subs this morning, I am considering to schedule some “beachwork” soon, so I jotted down the essentials in this static page.

How to build muscle and lose fat at the same time

All of us who are overweight and understrong have to address the same question: should I focus first on building muscle, or shall I first focus on reducing fat? After all – the summer comes along quickly, and we need results by then. But what if we had an eating strategy that would build muscle and consume fat at the same time? Continue reading