CrossFit Open – Address your weaknesses

Just a quick thought on how to win (…or better, to loose…) in the CF open: Continue reading

CrossFit Games – The Fittest on Earth ?!?

Yesterday’s WOD is a great example for why it is impossible to determine who “The Fittest on Earth” really is (which of course does not mean that the CrossFit Games are not great – it is just that, shall we say, the tag-line is a bit misleading if applied only to the winner?) Continue reading

Thor critiques CrossFit – Vol 4: CrossFit Competitions

CrossFit regularly posts in the journal contributions titled “A critiques B” where A is an expert, and B is a well regarded cross-fitter. Not that I claim to be an expert, but I thought I’d air my views anyway, hoping that they are of interest to the wider community. To put this in context – I am a big fan of the CrossFit principles, but I am not a CrossFitter in the sense that I have never done a WOD at a box – the reasons for which I will be clearer throughout this series. I have done however the odd seminar (eg on Olympic Lifting) at my local box and I have found that absolutely awesome. I also program my own WOD’s in the spirit of CrossFit. The beginning of this series is here.

In my personal view, competition and CrossFit does not particularly well together for the majority of people who could be profiting for the program. To be clear: CrossFit Games are awesome and inspirational for everyone, but they should be the realm of a few gifted and dedicated individuals.
There are two fundamental reasons why I believe that CrossFit and competition does not go well together. In a nutshell they are

  • the “ready for anything that life might throw at you” approach underlying the CrossFit philosophy does not lend itself to elite competition, as any given selection of tasks will favor one athlete over another, which introduces a level of unfairness in the process
  • to reap maximum fitness and health benefits, athletes should be working at the level that iss optimal for them, and not one determined by the competition. the only competition a CrossFit athlete should face is yesterdays self

So what are those reasons in detail? Continue reading