HIIT / Metcon Training Guide published


HIIT aka MetCon

Please download the latest version of that Guide here

CrossFit Open – Address your weaknesses

Just a quick thought on how to win (…or better, to loose…) in the CF open: Continue reading

Mobility WOD catch-up

I am a big fan of Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD’s. Unfortunately I did not catch them from the beginning, so I have to catch up. I feel it does not really make sense to do two or three at a time – I rather do those that address my focus areas. Which leads us to a problem: Kelly’s workouts are great, but his site is less than ideal to catch up on stuff by topic, especially if you want to do it on a mobile device (eg in the gym).

So whilst I was going through those workouts, I started reorganising then in a manner that allows me to incorporate them in my training, which essentially meant that I was (a) tagging them, (b) noting the timing of key segment (especially where he actually shows the exercise, so that you dont have to watch the whole thing), and (c) embedding them into bigger pages for more efficient inline viewing, especially on iPhone / iPad where Kelly’s site does not yet work very well.

The overview page for this effort is here. For your convenience I have also copied its current contents below. Please do keep in mind though that this is work-in-progress.

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CrossFit Games – The Fittest on Earth ?!?

Yesterday’s WOD is a great example for why it is impossible to determine who “The Fittest on Earth” really is (which of course does not mean that the CrossFit Games are not great – it is just that, shall we say, the tag-line is a bit misleading if applied only to the winner?) Continue reading

Updated plan: the plan is changed

When facts change I change my mind. What do you do?

— Lord Keynes

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“The Road to Fitness” – Template presentation now on the website

RTF Presentation ThumbnailI have just posted a presentation on my website which lays out the way to get in shape after a long hiatus – enjoy!

Programming and focus areas

I like to plan my training in periods of about 4 weeks – nothing magic with this number (…I believe…) but for me this currently seems a good balance between seeing some real progress, and not getting bored. I also have read somewhere that after about 4 weeks doing the same you’ll plateau, but I dont fully buy that. I believe this enormously depends on the thing you are training, and how you are training it. Continue reading

Start with the left leg, or the right?

We tend to always start exercises with the same arm or leg – and this tends to be not good as this means that one side is always more rested than the other one. I have found an easy trick to ensure that every side gets its fair share:

On even dates, I start with the left arm/leg, and on odd dates, I start with the right arm/leg. So today is 14/Feb, 14 is an even number, hence I started with the left throughout the day.

This works particularly well if your exercise schedule is a bit erratic. If you are on a fixed exercise schedule some “resonance” effects might creep in and whilst in the long run you will still even out both sides you could emphasise one side for long stretches. Here a couple of examples:

  • On the classic 3on/1off CrossFit schedule you will only switch sides at the end of months with an odd number of days, so here you are probably better off running something like L/R/L, then R/L/R etc
  • On a weekly 1on/1off schedule (eg Mon/Wed/Fri) sides are only switched once a week – this I suppose is OK….