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Energy Systems

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What yogurts to buy for my five year-old daughter?

Paleo 2.0I have been thinking quite a lot about how to make my daughter eat healthy – or rather, reasonably healthy. She attends probably 2-3 birthday parties per month, where there is invariably loads of cake and ice-cream, and of course there is the school lunch. Anyway, I was going through the dairy aisle at the local supermarket, and I looked at the various desserts on offer.

Now clearly neither of those desserts would qualify for Paleo, Primal, or even Paleo 2.0.  Having said this – I do believe that active children are different in the respect that they are able to tolerate more sugar than adults are, especially if the fructose content is kept in check. Also, it must be kept in mind that an apple for example also contains 20g of sugar, about 75% of which is fructose. Yes, it also contains other important stuff, but so does yogurt. So, interpreting Paleo 2.0 as “reasonable eating” I would say some of the below desserts do indeed qualify.

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Eat more fat to lose weight? – v2.0

Having had the time to read through Mark Sisson’sPrimal Blueprint” (ht Tim) I found that his recommendations are actually close enough to what I wanted to do in the previous post. So rather than updating the math, here the updated plan (with calorie restrictions added by me)

  • Carbs 100g/day (with a view of reducing them gradually to 50g/day (400-200cals)
  • Protein 150-200g/day (600-800cals)
  • Fat to make up the balance to 2000-2500cals per day

Oh, almost forgot: no sugar, no grains, no legumes (ie lentils & friends). Lets see how this goes

Eat more fat to lose weight?

UPDATE: I am in process of updating this post as there were a number of mistakes – so if you find it confusing it is probably because it is. Will re-post once I got it down more clearly (v2.0 here)

Tim made some interesting remarks in the comments of one of my previous posts:

If you’re looking to lose weight, I would up the fat and lower the protein and further lower the carbs …. Dropping carbs to 20% or lower will really help

This got me thinking: from my limited knowledge of the bodies energy pathways the following nutritional strategy would actually make sense to me:

  • Use fat for the majority of the body’s energy needs (more precisely: for all aerobic energy needs apart from the brain)
  • Use carbs for – and only for – the anaerobic energy needs and for the brain as it can not use fat and/or proteins
  • Avoid using protein for producing energy – it is meant to help you build your body, nothing else

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