The dangers of microwave cooking – the Hertel & Blanc study

I had a look at the description of the Hertel & Blanc study (here, enter a bogus gmail address if you do not want to subscribe) regarding the dangers of microwaves, and I have to admit that I am still sitting a bit on the fence, even though i have to admit I start leaning towards the “dangerous” side. Continue reading

Can microwave cooking possibly be dangerous?

There is a thread over at Mark Sisson’s discussion board that got me thinking about the dangers of microwaving food. I do not know whether or not it is in fact unhealthy to cook in the microwave, but I can think of a number of pathways how a microwave could potentially be dangerous, or at least less healthy than other means of cooking or heating up your food. To use a metaphor: cooking with a microwave is like putting millions of very thin needles into the food, and the tips of those needles repeatedly heat up to say thousand degrees, but only for a split second. Intuitively it makes sense that this is much more aggressive than conventional cooking, and that it can lead to denaturation of food constituents So I would not disregard the Heret & Blanc study (UPDATE: see this post also) out of hand – it is probably worth checking what they have done before jumping to conclusions.
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