Recovery/Load Ratio (“RLR”) and the anaerobic threshold

What I want to discuss here is how the load/recovery ratio of an exercise (sequence) relates to the anaerobic threshold and the VO2max. Continue reading

Advanced HIIT programming – Part 1

Following up on my earlier post on programming High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”) I want to describe here a more advanced method for programming HIIT that allows for more metabolically targeted routines. Continue reading

Training to target a specific hormonal response – Density training, testosterone, and spot reduction

As promised earlier I will now start discussing the training method that promises to elicit a specific hormonal response – and thereby reducing fat in certain problem areas – by following a specific training protocol.

As a quick reminder – the following table is really at the base of the system. Details are explained here, suffice to say that for each of the three problem areas the table identifies a problem hormone that is responsible for storing fat in those areas, a solution hormone that counters its effects, and a training protocol that brings the body to naturally produce the problem hormone Continue reading

Do you need a heart rate monitor (and if yes, which one?)

The short answer is yes – and IMHO get the most basic model you can get from one of the good brands.

The reasoning is simple. Firstly, compared to a lot of other “essential” things related to exercising (eg gym membership, personal training session, shoes, the latest Adidas exercise kit), heart rate monitors are dirt cheap! Continue reading

Updated plan: the plan is changed

When facts change I change my mind. What do you do?

— Lord Keynes

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Programming Interval Training

When programming for a series of HIIT workouts there are quite a few parameters to be played with. Broadly, they fall into two groups

  1. The exercises that form the basis of the training session(s)
  2. The interval specifications (time, rest time, repetitions)

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