Training to target a specific hormonal response – Density training, testosterone, and spot reduction

As promised earlier I will now start discussing the training method that promises to elicit a specific hormonal response – and thereby reducing fat in certain problem areas – by following a specific training protocol.

As a quick reminder – the following table is really at the base of the system. Details are explained here, suffice to say that for each of the three problem areas the table identifies a problem hormone that is responsible for storing fat in those areas, a solution hormone that counters its effects, and a training protocol that brings the body to naturally produce the problem hormone Continue reading

Influencing hormones through training – Density Training


Gear for Density Training
I did end up buying the program because I was rather intrigued by the alleged possibility to influence specific hormone levels by the training method chosen. So today I did the first “density training” workout, which supposedly jacks up my testosterone levels.

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