Strength Training Guide updated

Strength Training

Strength Training

Please download the latest version of that Guide here. I have added some terminology and – more importantly – included some more programs.

Five-a-Day – Dan John’s 40-day-program – ten days in

After I had found it rather tough at five days in, now things are getting better. And I feel I am making progress, which is nice.

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Five-a-Day – Dan John’s 40-day-program – five days in

Five days into my five-a-day program I have to say that it is surprisingly tough.

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The Physics of Exercise – Kettlebell Swing

I thought I’d post something fun today. Today I was wondering what the energy needs to some of the exercises were that I was doing, and I amused myself running the numbers on some of the exercises I was doing. Here the numbers on the kettlebell swing, the others will follow when I get a chance writing them down Continue reading

Training focus for the next four weeks

Note: my general approach to programming and focus in an earlier post.

Performance (“Tough”) Goals
1/ Improve general conditioning: Mainly through interval training with intervals from the Tabata-range to several minutes. Emphasis on running. Test on 5000m.
2/ Improve pull-ups: linear progression 5×5 program, increasing weight by 1.25-2.5kg each time. Focus towards grip variation once zero-support level is reached.

Skill Goals
3/ Improve olympic lifts: Mainly all movements towards snatch, starting with high hang. limited focus on clean, but some flexibility work for the wrists and front squats.
4/ Improve kettlebell technique: Mainly clean. Also focus on smooth catch of the kettlebell on the way down to avoid injuries.

Kool Tools

Here my first take on the tools and equipment you need to get going. I will keep it updated in a static page on this site Continue reading