Mobility WOD catch-up

I am a big fan of Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD’s. Unfortunately I did not catch them from the beginning, so I have to catch up. I feel it does not really make sense to do two or three at a time – I rather do those that address my focus areas. Which leads us to a problem: Kelly’s workouts are great, but his site is less than ideal to catch up on stuff by topic, especially if you want to do it on a mobile device (eg in the gym).

So whilst I was going through those workouts, I started reorganising then in a manner that allows me to incorporate them in my training, which essentially meant that I was (a) tagging them, (b) noting the timing of key segment (especially where he actually shows the exercise, so that you dont have to watch the whole thing), and (c) embedding them into bigger pages for more efficient inline viewing, especially on iPhone / iPad where Kelly’s site does not yet work very well.

The overview page for this effort is here. For your convenience I have also copied its current contents below. Please do keep in mind though that this is work-in-progress.

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Core Strength and Mobility Series (after Verstegen)


This is one of the series of exercises I do on a regular basis. It is heavily based onVerstegen’s template (see also my previous discussion here and here), but I have added and sub’d quite a few exercises (mainly Pilates) so that I believe I can now rightly claim it to be my own… Continue reading

Updated plan – more rest

Midway through my four week training plan I feel I have to make some adjustments – I need more rest and I will “take a week off” solely focussing on body maintenance (Kelly Starrett’s drills for example).To put this in context: I have been starting to get back in shape a bit more than a year ago, after more than a decade of not doing very much. I started out with loads of Pilates, then was doing some light weights on the Swiss Ball and some cable exercises, and then started going heavier on the weights, increasing my squat from 30kg to 120kg on 5×5. More recently I have added some CrossFit elements to the mix. Continue reading