Primal Cooking for Men – Boeuf Bourguignon

Another one in the Primal Cooking for Men series – easy, paleo, and scalable so that it can be frozen

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Primal Cooking for Men – Irish’ish Beef Stew

I started this Primal Cooking for Men series back in March, and it had a sum-total of (…drumroll…) one post. Here is another one: Irish Stew. Now, I am not a cook. But if I don’t cook, I end up eating baguette with cheese. So I have to cook – efficiently, without much ado.

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Primal Cooking for Men – Roast beef

I dont hate cooking – not always at least. I do hate cutting food into cute, evenly sized pieces though, so whenever I am in charge of canapees my wife swears she will divorce me. I dont do them anymore.

But whilst I do enjoy cooking, I would classify this as a treat: something to be enjoyed in moderation and savored. So for the other days, my favorite recipe is: put the frozen pizza in the oven and take it out when it is ready. Oooops – pizza is not not Paleo, and not even Primal. Houston – we’ve got a problem!

I did partly manage to overcome this problem though – I keep collecting more and more recipes that would qualify as fast-food (in the strict sense of the word – no effort to prepare, even whilst you are checking your iPhone) and that are nevertheless healthy. So without further ado, please find the first of many in my series Primal Cooking for Men – Roast Beef Continue reading