Very Low Carb (“VLC”) Diets Guide published

Very Low Carb Diets

Very Low Carb Diets

Please download the latest version of that Guide here

Primal Cooking for Men – Boeuf Bourguignon

Another one in the Primal Cooking for Men series – easy, paleo, and scalable so that it can be frozen

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Primal Cooking for Men – Irish’ish Beef Stew

I started this Primal Cooking for Men series back in March, and it had a sum-total of (…drumroll…) one post. Here is another one: Irish Stew. Now, I am not a cook. But if I don’t cook, I end up eating baguette with cheese. So I have to cook – efficiently, without much ado.

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Are HIGH carb / LOW fat diet better for fat loss than low carb / high fat diets after all?

Paleo 2.0Don Matesz has this new post up that goes directly against the “conventional wisdom” of the Paleo community, at least the likes of Mark Sisson, Kurt Harris, That Paleo Guy Jamie Scott, etc. Now clearly, Don is on a mission to show that Paleo does not equal low carb – but just because he is on a mission does not mean that he is wrong. And I believe that we in the Paleo community must be very careful not to establish our own “conventional wisdom” and try to defend it against objective evidence provided. Continue reading

Those arguments against drinking milk just don’t make sense

Man is not the only animal to drink other species’ milk. It is however the only one to discuss whether this is healthy or appropriate.

Boi Dulai

Before I start – I am not trying to argue in this post whether or not milk is good for you. My personal view is that it is good for you unless you are lactose intolerant, but I respect that other people have other views on this topic, and I am not trying to convince them otherwise.
What I want to achieve in this post though is to address three arguments that are commonly brought forward by the opponents of milk, and that, I will argue here, are – even though (partially) true – not relevant in this context. Those arguments are the following

  • Humans have only herded for x-thousands of years which, in evolutionary terms, is not enough time to adapt
  • We are the only species that drinks other animals’ milk
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Primal Cooking for Men – Roast beef

I dont hate cooking – not always at least. I do hate cutting food into cute, evenly sized pieces though, so whenever I am in charge of canapees my wife swears she will divorce me. I dont do them anymore.

But whilst I do enjoy cooking, I would classify this as a treat: something to be enjoyed in moderation and savored. So for the other days, my favorite recipe is: put the frozen pizza in the oven and take it out when it is ready. Oooops – pizza is not not Paleo, and not even Primal. Houston – we’ve got a problem!

I did partly manage to overcome this problem though – I keep collecting more and more recipes that would qualify as fast-food (in the strict sense of the word – no effort to prepare, even whilst you are checking your iPhone) and that are nevertheless healthy. So without further ado, please find the first of many in my series Primal Cooking for Men – Roast Beef Continue reading

“The Road to Fitness” – Template presentation now on the website

RTF Presentation ThumbnailI have just posted a presentation on my website which lays out the way to get in shape after a long hiatus – enjoy!