Strength Training Guide updated

Strength Training

Strength Training

Please download the latest version of that Guide here. I have added some terminology and – more importantly – included some more programs.

Weekly Links

Weekly LinksIt’s that time of the week again. Here my favorite reads of the week. This does not mean of course that they have just come out this week – it might also mean that I have been slow finding them. Enjoy.

“The Road to Fitness” – Template presentation now on the website

RTF Presentation ThumbnailI have just posted a presentation on my website which lays out the way to get in shape after a long hiatus – enjoy!

Getting strong with 20min of working out per week?!

I have recently read through a discussion on Mark Sisson’s site, where one guy (Chima) said:

If you are in the weight room more than 20 minutes a week then your routine is not as effective as it could be. Chances are, you will end up hurting yourself.

There was an interesting discussion after this (just search for “chima” on the page) and this got me thinking whether or not it is indeed true that 20min of strength training PER WEEK is enough or not – I certainly spend much more time than this. In fact – in 20 minutes I barely finish my 5×5 back squats. On the other hand, Chima’s statement seemed genuine, and it seemed to work for him. Continue reading