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Weekly LinksIt’s that time of the week again. Here my favorite reads of the week. This does not mean of course that they have just come out this week – it might also mean that I have been slow finding them. Enjoy.

Why Taleb is wrong on primal exercise (and Sisson is right)

Nassim Taleb (of Black Swan fame) has an article on this website that describes his personal exercise regime: 10-15 hours per week of “walking without any effort”, and “very, very, rare weight lifting events”“typically in a hotel” – that were “often very short, less than 15 minutes” and that were “leaving [him] completely exhausted”. Then he would be “sedentary for weeks and hang around cafes”.

Whilst this is on the surface very similar to Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint workouts, it differs in two crucial dimensions: (1) intensity, and (2) focus. To be fair, Taleb’s workout is probably closer to Sisson’s than to the classic every-day-the-same-effort gym routine. But the point is: gym-routine has moved on, and whilst maybe not yet entirely understood by the traditional “Globo-Gym” patron, the fact that you need to constantly modulate exercise load (and type) to achieve optimum performance is uncontroversial – just look at CrossFit, or Westside Barbell for something more sport-specific. So if you are of the traditional Globo type,  Taleb’s routine might be progress. If not – Sisson or CrossFit is clearly the better choice. Continue reading