Currently trying to understand supplementatio with BCAA’s.

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What yogurts to buy for my five year-old daughter?

Paleo 2.0I have been thinking quite a lot about how to make my daughter eat healthy – or rather, reasonably healthy. She attends probably 2-3 birthday parties per month, where there is invariably loads of cake and ice-cream, and of course there is the school lunch. Anyway, I was going through the dairy aisle at the local supermarket, and I looked at the various desserts on offer.

Now clearly neither of those desserts would qualify for Paleo, Primal, or even Paleo 2.0.  Having said this – I do believe that active children are different in the respect that they are able to tolerate more sugar than adults are, especially if the fructose content is kept in check. Also, it must be kept in mind that an apple for example also contains 20g of sugar, about 75% of which is fructose. Yes, it also contains other important stuff, but so does yogurt. So, interpreting Paleo 2.0 as “reasonable eating” I would say some of the below desserts do indeed qualify.

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