Five-a-Day – Dan John’s 40-day-program – ten days in

After I had found it rather tough at five days in, now things are getting better. And I feel I am making progress, which is nice.

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Five-a-Day – Dan John’s 40-day-program – five days in

Five days into my five-a-day program I have to say that it is surprisingly tough.

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GTG Pull-Ups Update

WOD The Plan
Over the last few weeks I have concentrated on one thing – and one thing only – pull-ups

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Homemade weight belt

to be used for dips, pull-ups etc.

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Building up to unsupported pull-ups

I would like to share here what I believe is the best method to build up to unsupported pull-ups.
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Training focus for the next four weeks

Note: my general approach to programming and focus in an earlier post.

Performance (“Tough”) Goals
1/ Improve general conditioning: Mainly through interval training with intervals from the Tabata-range to several minutes. Emphasis on running. Test on 5000m.
2/ Improve pull-ups: linear progression 5×5 program, increasing weight by 1.25-2.5kg each time. Focus towards grip variation once zero-support level is reached.

Skill Goals
3/ Improve olympic lifts: Mainly all movements towards snatch, starting with high hang. limited focus on clean, but some flexibility work for the wrists and front squats.
4/ Improve kettlebell technique: Mainly clean. Also focus on smooth catch of the kettlebell on the way down to avoid injuries.