Five-a-Day – Dan John’s 40-day-program – ten days in

After I had found it rather tough at five days in, now things are getting better. And I feel I am making progress, which is nice.

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Five-a-Day – Dan John’s 40-day-program – five days in

Five days into my five-a-day program I have to say that it is surprisingly tough.

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35 different squats

love it, given that squat is my favorite exercise:

Note: the site is a bit resource intensive – this particular post (which embeds 35 videos) takes up >1GB of RM on my MacBook Pro…)

I like Goblet Squats

Avid readers will know that in the last days I started some double kettlebell work, mainly because I felt I needed to change my routine a bit and to work some new angles. I stumbled across a movement that I had done before but that I somehow did not appreciate at its full splendour at the time: the goblet squat

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“So you think you can squat?” – awesome series of videos on EliteFTS

Alright, you really gotta go to EliteFTS to watch those and get all the related content, but for your (and my) convenience I have embedded all the YouTube vids below. Continue reading

Weekly Links

Weekly LinksIt’s that time of the week again. Here my favorite reads of the week. This does not mean of course that they have just come out this week – it might also mean that I have been slow finding them. Enjoy.

The first rule of Squat Club

The first rule of Squat Club – keep your shins vertical.*

The second rule of Squat Club – keep your shins vertical.

The third rule of Squat Club – keep your back straight, especially if you are shifting weight

The fourth rule … you get the picture.

I wont talk about the straight back here – most people seem to sort of know it, and if form breaks down at this point is often more skill than will. I also believe (…but dont quote me on that…) that this is slightly less dangerous if you are not carrying weight. However, the knee thing hurts you on every kind of squat and squat-like movement, and this is what I want to focus on here. Continue reading