Updated plan – more rest

Midway through my four week training plan I feel I have to make some adjustments – I need more rest and I will “take a week off” solely focussing on body maintenance (Kelly Starrett’s drills for example).To put this in context: I have been starting to get back in shape a bit more than a year ago, after more than a decade of not doing very much. I started out with loads of Pilates, then was doing some light weights on the Swiss Ball and some cable exercises, and then started going heavier on the weights, increasing my squat from 30kg to 120kg on 5×5. More recently I have added some CrossFit elements to the mix. Continue reading

Verstegen “Movement Prep” Series – A closer look

Over the next couple of weeks I will detail some of the exercises (and series of exercises) that I am using in my workouts. Clearly, the disclaimer applies – this is a description of what I am doing an why I am doing it – if you chose to base your own workouts on this, it is at your own risk.

This series is my interpretation of the “Movement Prep” series in Mark Verstegen’s excellent book “Core Performance” (it is worth buying it, even though it is not available for the Kindle…). It is somewhat of a warm-up, so the exercises should not be done to exhaustion. Having said this – many of them can be done with a bit more effort, giving a short standalone workout with at least a little bit of bang. Continue reading