Tendonitis update – and a trick

Just can’t seem to be able to shake my tendonitis – playing tennis and carrying fire-wood does not help. In the last few days however I made some progress, the reason being – I believe – that I have found a new trick. Here it is:

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Vibram Five Fingers (“VFF’s”), barefoot shoes, and Achilles tendonitis

Vibram Five Fingers VFF KSO Barefoot shoes
After having the tendonitis/tendonosis/whatever experience with my elbow (which, after more than six months, is now almost sorted, thanks to my physio I’d add)  I am extremely aware of tendon issues as they are just taking forever to heal, and only heal at all if you do the right exercises. So when after using my VFF’s and Merrell True Gloves my Achilles tendon started hurting a bit I contacted my physio right away. So here is the skinny.
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Addressing Tendonitis – Aide memoire now up on Scribd

As I have done some more research on tendonitis since Thursday, I thought I’d write down my notes and add some eye candy – enjoy. And please do let me know if you think something is missing, or wrong.

Addressing Tendonitis on Scribd


Tendonitis – Community advice

I have asked over in Mark Sisson’s community what to do against my tendonitis (or tendinosis as the case may be), and I am posting a summary of the results here (thanks to all who have replied – you are stars!):

UPDATE: see this post for a pdf write-up

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Trigger point massage

Just ordered a book on trigger point massage – hope that this will help with my tendonitis. It did get better whilst resting, but after yesterdays strenuous exercise (…with 3kg dumbbells) it hurts almost as before…

Updated plan – more rest

Midway through my four week training plan I feel I have to make some adjustments – I need more rest and I will “take a week off” solely focussing on body maintenance (Kelly Starrett’s drills for example).To put this in context: I have been starting to get back in shape a bit more than a year ago, after more than a decade of not doing very much. I started out with loads of Pilates, then was doing some light weights on the Swiss Ball and some cable exercises, and then started going heavier on the weights, increasing my squat from 30kg to 120kg on 5×5. More recently I have added some CrossFit elements to the mix. Continue reading