Building up to unsupported pull-ups

I would like to share here what I believe is the best method to build up to unsupported pull-ups.
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Verstegen “Movement Prep” Series – A closer look

Over the next couple of weeks I will detail some of the exercises (and series of exercises) that I am using in my workouts. Clearly, the disclaimer applies – this is a description of what I am doing an why I am doing it – if you chose to base your own workouts on this, it is at your own risk.

This series is my interpretation of the “Movement Prep” series in Mark Verstegen’s excellent book “Core Performance” (it is worth buying it, even though it is not available for the Kindle…). It is somewhat of a warm-up, so the exercises should not be done to exhaustion. Having said this – many of them can be done with a bit more effort, giving a short standalone workout with at least a little bit of bang. Continue reading

Exercise series’

I put up a couple of pages on a number of series of exercise that I am using in my workouts.

The first group is based on Mark Verstegen’s book “Core Performance”, and those are general mobility / support drills.

The second drill is based on the Burgener Warm-Up, with some components added that I felt needed some extra focus.