Exercising for Diabetes – Insuline Resistance Protocol

I have been recently asked for exercise advice by someone who has been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, ie with significantly – albeit not yet dangerously – elevated blood sugar levels due to insulin resistance. I am not a medical expert, but I could piece a few things together out of what I have read over the years. In the following are my recommendations – I would welcome any comments, privately or publicly, as to whether this advice is indeed optimal. Continue reading

Fructose is healthy – says Company X

I have recently discovered a product that falls into the sweet treats category, and that I like very much. Unfortunately it is full of fructose, so I guess unless they change this I won’t have it anymore. What I wanted to talk here about though is more how companies can get is so wrong – and how they can make outrageous marketing claims that might well backfire on them in due course. Continue reading