Recovery/Load Ratio (“RLR”) and the anaerobic threshold

What I want to discuss here is how the load/recovery ratio of an exercise (sequence) relates to the anaerobic threshold and the VO2max. Continue reading

Do you need a heart rate monitor (and if yes, which one?)

The short answer is yes – and IMHO get the most basic model you can get from one of the good brands.

The reasoning is simple. Firstly, compared to a lot of other “essential” things related to exercising (eg gym membership, personal training session, shoes, the latest Adidas exercise kit), heart rate monitors are dirt cheap! Continue reading

The plan: losing 5kg over the next four weeks whilst improving the VO2max

Whilst I am generally happy with my body I probably could lose another 10kg or so of fat to be really really happy. Hasnt been a priority for me though in the last year – losing the first 20kg was – as I felt that weight loss would interfere with my training which was very heavily focused on heavy weights. When I started lifting I very soon realised that at 1600cal/day my squat simply did not improve….

Anyway, given my current training focus (which is mainly to improve VO2max), I am thinking it might be a good opportunity to sneak some weight-loss in whilst I am going light on the heavy weights. So lets see whether the 5kg are achievable. Continue reading