LeanGains / Intermittent Fasting (“IF”) – 12 days in

Another IF experience post. A recap, I started the whole thing Monday a week ago, and I had written an early post on this experience here.

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LeanGains / Intermittent Fasting (“IF”) – First thoughts

Here my first experience with the LeanGains style intermittent fasting (“IF”) protocol that I have been following since Monday.

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LeanGains / Intermittent Fasting (“IF”)

Alright, being in France I have been putting on some weight lately – not too much, but the trend is worrying. I did lose quite a lot of weight by counting calories, and I don’t mind doing it again. However, I have obviously learnt a lot on the way, and it seems to me that there are easier ways.

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Comment for @CharlotteGFE on carbs

I spent a fair amount of time composing a comment over on @CharlotteGFE’s blog “The Great Fitness Experiment” (link later when off the iPad), so I thought I might as well reproduce it on my blog. Here we go
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Paleo – 3 days in

I briefly wanted to share my experiences so far with going from a Zone eating style to a full Paleo eating style (or rather – a Mark Sisson Primal Eating style). As outlined in a previous posts (herehere and here), my goals are losing some weight whilst working on my VO2max, hence I am going for 50-100g of carbs, 150-200g of protein, and 2000-2500cals overall per day (the balance obviously being provided by fat). Continue reading

Eat more fat to lose weight? – v2.0

Having had the time to read through Mark Sisson’sPrimal Blueprint” (ht Tim) I found that his recommendations are actually close enough to what I wanted to do in the previous post. So rather than updating the math, here the updated plan (with calorie restrictions added by me)

  • Carbs 100g/day (with a view of reducing them gradually to 50g/day (400-200cals)
  • Protein 150-200g/day (600-800cals)
  • Fat to make up the balance to 2000-2500cals per day

Oh, almost forgot: no sugar, no grains, no legumes (ie lentils & friends). Lets see how this goes

Eat more fat to lose weight?

UPDATE: I am in process of updating this post as there were a number of mistakes – so if you find it confusing it is probably because it is. Will re-post once I got it down more clearly (v2.0 here)

Tim made some interesting remarks in the comments of one of my previous posts:

If you’re looking to lose weight, I would up the fat and lower the protein and further lower the carbs …. Dropping carbs to 20% or lower will really help

This got me thinking: from my limited knowledge of the bodies energy pathways the following nutritional strategy would actually make sense to me:

  • Use fat for the majority of the body’s energy needs (more precisely: for all aerobic energy needs apart from the brain)
  • Use carbs for – and only for – the anaerobic energy needs and for the brain as it can not use fat and/or proteins
  • Avoid using protein for producing energy – it is meant to help you build your body, nothing else

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